::Rilakkuma Party!::

My friends at BUBBLEPUNCH kindly invited me to the Rilakkuma Weekend VIP Party held at Umamiburger in Hollywood!
Me and Lane decided to try and get to Umami Burger early so we could get the "free gift bags for the first 100 guests"! ...and HELLO, TRAFFIC. We got there closer to 7, but got lucky and got the gift bags! ...and WOW. Do not be fooled by the word "gift bag"(which usually only is a small bag with trinket or two) We got a bag full of SWAG! So many cute Rilakkuma goodies! (and some Mame goma ones too!)We even got a cute Rilakkuma T-shirt!

Soooo many people! It's always fun to look at all them beautiful and fashionable Angelinos strut out in! ...Couple cute lolitas, here and there. I was too lazy to go all out (also, too determined on stuffing myself with the delicious food there, and dismissing dress-up time) and went out in my snug Super Lovers dress. However, my new Iron Fist stilettos got a lot of compliments, which made me happy (="I'm glad I blew $40 on these!"). Someone was quite surprised when I told them I got them at Comic Con... Yes, that place is nerd mecca, but it also does provide a lot of cute/awesome/cool finds, too.

Why hello, Mr."Don't-feed-this-kid-booze" Xs! I see you have decided to accompany me to this party as well. (How I wanted to yell "But I'm legal in my own country!" when I saw the wall of delicious looking sake... and had to stare at Maya with eyes filled with envy as she enjoyed her raspberry sake...)

THE FOOD WAS SO YUMMY! I wasn't expecting this level of nom-noms! Especially when you're under 21, the only thing you look forward to at events is food (+desserts)... and socializing with people, too. This party definitely did not disappoint! The sliders were so scrumptious, I am convinced to go and visit Umami Burger again. I was quite upset when Gary Baseman (who happened to be sitting to the table next to us) took all the sliders that the waitress was bringing our way (or I would like to believe that she was). I even declared that I wasn't as big of a fan of his work anymore, after that incident. That's how yummy those sliders were!

After the party, we decided to hit up PINK'S HOT DOG since Lane was still hungry... I've never been there, after living in LA for 2 years. I finally went, and since the line was so long, I resumed with my crocheting. ...Fittingly, I ordered the Martha Stewart Dog, but was stuffed after 2 bites.

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