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Lady Gaga is absolutely gorgeous as a man.
Call me rude and blunt, but I always refer to this lady as a "butherface"; don't get me wrong, it's a matter of personal preference, and quite honestly, I do not find her face attractive. But because of this photo of her as a male, I am starting to get convinced that it is because of her crappy make-up. Either way, Jo Calderone? Yes. Scrumptious.

I was having a rather bleak day until this happened;

Call them overrated, call them overly-sugary, call them weight gain 3000 (...I've completely forgotten about the "diet" I had in mind) Sprinkles cupcakes are amazing. I can only keep my fingers crossed that they open a store in Tokyo... Just in case I decide to move back to Japan after graduating from college.
...I have 2 photo shoots coming up, and I'm chowing down on cupcakes that are 70% icing. This is exactly why I could never be a "model", my height being one reason, and my love for sweets being the other.

I've also gotten around to retouching my hair. Jewel tones=High maintenance, but I don't think I can go back to "normal" colors after having a pink head for so long... People who don't know me personally refer to me as "PINK". Even the head of my department does. Sadly. Even though her husband has mentioned things about me to her on a number of occasions. I've added some violet/amethyst tones this time round. Hopefully my color concoctions will work out as I vision it to be- for now I am sleeping with a shower cap covering my dye-infested hair and wrapping it up with a afghan stole. Can't wait to wash it out tomorrow morning and see how things go, and possibly a retouch in the next few days if things turn ugly...

And finally, David Bowie, because David Bowie is amazing.

I love David Bowie as much as I love Sprinkles.


Oh, Christian.

Oh, Christian.
Oh, beautiful, beautiful Loubutins.
Why must you
Oh why must you

be so fucking unaffordable.



...I always wonder why I end up being the come-to person for relationship inquires and venting...
In all honesty, I love "girl talks". From boy trouble because "my boyfriend is being a dick and not texting me back" to more raunchy topics such as how to master sucking dick (which, does not always have to be a girl talk session with a girl, I have noticed). I do enjoy discussing how to deal with rocky relationships over a cup of tea. But in all honesty, I am getting quite sick of dealing with people "venting" over stupid crap.
And those people who usually "vent" in regards to relationships, are ones who are not obviously incapable of maintaining, or even stepping a foot into a relationship. ...By this I have no intentions of being "Oh yeah because I, ME, I am totally capable of being in the perfect relationship!" [Quite the contrary, I'm quite content with my time as a single girl in the past couple months, and I think it's something I've needed for quite a while...A whole list of things to do+commitments I have really don't help any kind of relationship/partnership at the moment. I admit my incapability.]

My honest question is; why even bother?
If your intentions are purely sexual, why even bother being in a relationship? If sex is your main motive, that is one great reason for a failing route for a relationship. I've experienced it myself; partner (a) was all about sex, I got tired of it and didn't want to have any more sex after a while, and things dissolved on its own. On the other hand, with partner (b), I enjoyed the sex and I loved the cuddling, and probably wanted a little too much. Too much for partner (b), at least. So things didn't quite work out for that either. It's like trying to jam a key into a keyhole that isn't designed for the key. It just won't work.
A good friend of mine (male, much older than me) bluntly told me "It's nice to have a fuck buddy though, you just get your needs met and taken care of, no strings attached." As liberal and care-free I may be in regards to a lot of subjects, it was quite a shocker for me, and I couldn't swallow his words into my system for a while. But reflecting on my life and my experience, I could understand where he was coming from, and what he meant. And then another friend's words popped into my mind; "It's nice to have a friend that you can trust to that degree."
We're human. We more or less have "needs" that need to be met. I for one, can honestly admit that I do. And what my friend mentioned was indeed true; "trust" is indeed important, in a lot of things in life, sex being one of them. For me personally, I can indulge in sex unless it's with a person I can trust. Sure, any person can randomly come up and "stimulate" me "sexually", but that doesn't mean I'm enjoying it. Worst case scenario, I'll end up having one of those mental-orgam-blocks and end up feeling like absolute crap in the end.
So in the end, in regards to sexual partners, rather than a failing relationship with horrible sex, I'd rather have someone in my life that I can trust and allow myself to indulge with.

In other words, it may be fair for me to say that I'm glad that I wasn't one of those people that clung onto their virginity like it was some kind of trophy that increased some invisible value to yourself. My own mother claimed that I was "too young" (although I was considered "pretty old" by my peers... I had to be leaning towards my mother's claim rather than my peers' on this one...) In a sense it allowed me to experience things before I got too old, or got stuck in same old ideas that end up suffocating me.

...Like drugs. Another good quote from a friend of mine-
"Those things are things that you just don't do when you hit a certain age. Like when you're 20. Why even bother at that point?"


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Recently I've stumbled upon some little treasures on the interwebs.

A nifty little chatroulette-for-websites app. I've already come across a couple useful/inspiring/interesting site via this website (although I have to admit, you have to be careful with which interests you pick, since there's some misses that come with the hits...)



Yesterday was an [unexpected] good day. < 3
I am happy. And making tater tots right now.

I want little kiddies so I can dress them up like THIS:

Too precious.
There's a reason why I want kids before I'm 28, nukkaaaah.
(Basically so I can dress up with them. Being one reason. ha!)

But more importantly, I have been craving Sprinkles like crazy.

I need the $$$!



Oh sweet honey bee, you don't even know how many times I wanted to scream this out in your face <3


::love letter::

Hand written letters are more lovely.


thug lyf.

Storryyyy offf maaaahhh llllyyyyfff.

Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll.
+MacBooks+Wacom tablets.+Tea

…I've officially scored myself an internship! (/confirmed it)
G: Yea I talked to Barbara about it and it's confirmed.
E: ...I don't even think she knows who I am though.
G: I just said PINK and she knew who I was talking about.
Sad, sad, sad.
Comm.+Pink = Moi. whooo.



They don't love you like I love you!


::"I'm kinda bizz-ay."::

Rediscovering Andrew W.K.!
I remember seeing one of his videos on MTV when I was visiting
San Diego back in '02? '05? Don't remember, but I had a "WOWZA!"
look on my face. I was still an innocent child. Maybe.

Apparently he released a cover-album of whole bunch of Japanese pop songs,
looks like either this or LINDA LINDA! is my favourite<3

On the artistic side of life...
I went to the amazing JAW Cooper's gallery opening at La Luz on friday,
and then to the Culver City Art walk, as well as Corpo and GR2 on saturday...
(Purchased my first art piece at GR2...The artist was piss drunk and that
was hilarious, haha)
Here are some favourites...

I also got offered an internship position at Corey Helford Gallery
(whoohoo networking!<3)...I'm considering it, I know a lot of people
are gonna give me the "but you're a graphic design majooorrrrr" comment,
yeah, I fucking know that, thanks! durrrr.

Translating at gallery nucleus tomorrah! Need the rest!!