::bad! bad! big bad wolf!::

Having to deal with stupid spoiled little cunts after an amazing nights with the TEAM LIM @ Korean BBQ~Yogurtland...
So I become the bad, horrible, angry bitch for being concerned about noise control, especially after our neighbors hint to me that he "hears a lot".
I haven't been this aggravated in a LONG ASS time.

I wish people would GROW THE FUCK UP or get some COMMON SENSE tapped into their systems. Having fun at a party is one thing, getting evicted is another.


bitch this is why.

and I is not a motivated to change, yo.


dearest terry.

If tumblr isn't Satan's sidekick, I don't know what the hell it is.
...Look what I've discovered today!!

Terry Richardson has a tumblr. = A photoblog.
Dear Satan, please stop sending me distractions.
There's a reason why Terry's one of my favourite photographers. This man is crazy. I love crazy men. I also love tattooed men. + I love crazy photographers. End of story.
I would love to model for Terry but I don't know if I have enough balls to go naked in front of that man. HAHA

By the way I understand the photo above is of Terry and some "guidos"(sp??)... I know about Jersey Shore and all them scandalous people in it, but I've never watched the show. Oh wait, take my words back, I watched 2 minutes of an episode when I was on the fashion campus but the intellectual level of those people amazed me so much that I quickly changed the channel to Top Chef or something. ...and now I never watch TV unless my friends are over and we decide to watch South Park on demand. ...I don't even know how to get to South Park on demand unless someone's there to do it for me. I'm such a princess whoo hoo hoo.

250 max250



468 水先案名無い人 :2010/02/19(金) 03:13:14 ID:INZ5eQAo0





Crappy translation/re-telling::
So this guy felt really sick one day, left work, went to bed. He wakes up, can barely move, and the most he can do is grab the bottle of POCARI SWEAT (do not be fooled by its name, this shit tastes 2904852948598 times better than vitamin water, and is the best energy drink to drink when you're sick!!) lying by his bedside. His consciousness is starting to go away, until his cat (female/5yrs old) starts biting his nose. He figures that the cat is out of food and water, and he hasn't cleaned her toilet either.

He hovers out of bed, faints again, cat bites him again, and he wakes up. His phone's ringing, he answers, it's his co-worker and all he can do is tell him that he is about to faint again, and that's all he remembers.

When he wakes up, he finds himself in a hospital; apparently he had pneumonia and malnutrition, and if his coworker didn't call for an ambulance, he was going to die. It had been 3 days since he had left work.

He thanks his co-worker, and asks him to take care of his cat. His co-worker looks at him weird and tells him-
"I didn't see a cat, and I didn't see anything cat-related in your house"
He doesn't remember any of this, but he kept on mumbling about his cat while in the ambulance. Hearing that, the co-worker decided to go check up on this "cat", but he didn't see a cat at all. No cat, no feeder, no toilet.
"I even went to the convinence store and bought a can of cat food..."

That can be true, he starts to argue. But he notices something.
He didn't know why he had forgotten, but the cat was no longer there.
The cat was run over by a car in early March, and he had got ridden of everything.
He tells his co-worker, and his co-worker begins to freak out.
When he called him, a cat was screeching loudly in the background.

He decided to go to the cat's grave.

I've always felt like dead pets are always out there watching out for you.
Or maybe I wish that's the case.
I miss you all.



::time to EaT::

Dinner @ 10PM when you're in art school.

I get to go to DAIKOKUYA tomorrow with the lovely gentleman under the name of LUSCIOUS. ...Or something like that, dunno if I spelt it right.

Also gotta pick up a bday prezzie for my roomie... busy! busy!





Pompadour-ed my hair for the first time in a couple months.
My bangs are still kinda too short for it.

This is what happens when you replay Crash Love over and over
and hope you feel better.



1 cup of corn soup
3/4 a bar of hichew
3 cups of tea
2/3 cup of calpis
2 servings of curry


I'm done with homework!


::Pink Moon::

Watching a Nick Drake so I can get my scattered brains togehter to write my paper for Rock 'n Roll history. Rich is a great teacher and all, but I was like "what what whaaat!!" after getting Nick Drake for my research paper. But quite honestly, I'm more than glad I got to discover Drake and his amazing music; I wouldn't have felt this way if I have gotten Alice Cooper or John Lydon or what the hell, I'd have fun, sure. But no new discoveries. No deep connection.

I don't know what exactly it is, but his music is hitting me hard.

Perfect music when I'm feeling pretty sick... from playing sudoku on the bus.

And I wonder. Will people appreciate or respect what I've done, and feel inspired by it years and years after my death? I don't know, and that's an answer I won't hear.



I almost feel like the more babies I get, the easier it is to say goodbye to certain people and get up on my feet again and start running to the some place I don't even know. I don't know. I wish I did, so I can see what's lying in front of my eyes.

I found the tanktop JT made before he left school, I still remember he gave it to me cause we were good friends and all. Last time I talked to him, I found out he was living in Santa Monica now and have friends at Otis, but... No idea where he is now. I wonder why the best friends I had back home keep doing this "talk talk talk" "hiatus for +insert number of months, years, decades+" "talk talk talk" "Oh hi I'm gonna be thrown into rehab so brb!" "actually ttyl" "..." "...hey hey hey" "Why do you live in LA now?!" "...hiatus?" "HEEEEEEYYYY IT'S MEEEEEE CALL THIS NUMBER...!!!" ...I'm too exhausted now. It's a cat and mouse chase. All the time. ...And neither of us get sick of it??

But I miss listening to Queen Adreena with someone, then lie around in bed and watch Aqua Teen and make out and tralalalala.
But piercings won't leave you and play cat and mouse chases as long as you give it loving care, true?

...And I'm oozing yellow pus from my nipple. Maybe that's another reason why I'm pretty... unloveable. ...+because I'm a pincushion?

Perfect music for moi tonight::


I hate to admit it, but physical pain makes other pains seem dull and easier to handle.

Beatifying with mutilation.



Fuck Valentine's Day.

I feel like a frat boy with all these bottles, but I'm ready to get cruuunnkkk with my lovely friends.



Went to CalArts earlier on today to visit a close friend of mine and listen to a lecture by Brad Bird. I have no interest in animation, neither am I a fan of Pixar, but the things he had to say were pretty interesting. He was a really down-to-earth, entertaining guy too. I jacked 2 posters that were there, they were pretty.

Prepping to attend a party that my teacher invited me to.

Tonight's gonna be a good good night.



No other song fits my mood so perfectly than this one right now.


Nothing makes me happier than opening my mailbox and finding a parcel from the UK on a busy wednesday afternoon.

When someone asks me what I want for a present (birthday, xmas, valentines, so on) I instantly answer; "Soap, chocolate, piercings or lingerie from Agent Provocateur.". Unfortunately I haven't met anyone who has gifted me with a piercing or lingerie, but my soap collection has expanded to the point I believe I don't have to purchase any soap for the next two years. And I always have some chocolate in my bag and or cupboard.

It's a shame a lot of girls don't pay attention to the minor details; not a lot of girls take the extra minute to decide what lingerie they're going to wrap their bodies in that day. Hence, the "Girlllll, why are you wearing a white bra and showing off your straps while you're wearing a black tank top", and so forth. At the same time, most girls don't pick lingerie for themselves, instead, it's "Oh he/she's gonna see it, I need something seductive!!"...How saddening.

But I'm happy now.


My lips are so swollen I make Angelina Jolie's lips look like they're thin.

...Of course, that sounds delicious at first but I look like a monster because they're all chapped and torn. En plus, they're so swollen that the inside of my upper lip is getting constantly rubbed against my teeth, creating cuts...Any smart person would say use chapstick! , but unfortunately I'm allergic to chapstick (no joke), and chapstick only makes such symptoms worse. I had ointment that my dermatologist supplied me with, but sadly I ran out of that too... For now I'm just rubbing it down with disinfectant and taking supplements in hopes of it calming down.