Nothing makes me happier than opening my mailbox and finding a parcel from the UK on a busy wednesday afternoon.

When someone asks me what I want for a present (birthday, xmas, valentines, so on) I instantly answer; "Soap, chocolate, piercings or lingerie from Agent Provocateur.". Unfortunately I haven't met anyone who has gifted me with a piercing or lingerie, but my soap collection has expanded to the point I believe I don't have to purchase any soap for the next two years. And I always have some chocolate in my bag and or cupboard.

It's a shame a lot of girls don't pay attention to the minor details; not a lot of girls take the extra minute to decide what lingerie they're going to wrap their bodies in that day. Hence, the "Girlllll, why are you wearing a white bra and showing off your straps while you're wearing a black tank top", and so forth. At the same time, most girls don't pick lingerie for themselves, instead, it's "Oh he/she's gonna see it, I need something seductive!!"...How saddening.

But I'm happy now.

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