::Pink Moon::

Watching a Nick Drake so I can get my scattered brains togehter to write my paper for Rock 'n Roll history. Rich is a great teacher and all, but I was like "what what whaaat!!" after getting Nick Drake for my research paper. But quite honestly, I'm more than glad I got to discover Drake and his amazing music; I wouldn't have felt this way if I have gotten Alice Cooper or John Lydon or what the hell, I'd have fun, sure. But no new discoveries. No deep connection.

I don't know what exactly it is, but his music is hitting me hard.

Perfect music when I'm feeling pretty sick... from playing sudoku on the bus.

And I wonder. Will people appreciate or respect what I've done, and feel inspired by it years and years after my death? I don't know, and that's an answer I won't hear.

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