::this is lyf!!::

Life has been quite tremulous lately!!
My move-out has officially become OFFICIAL, and I'm moving from Downtown LA to Santa Monica this coming friday! Yipee!

I also went on a shopping spree lately (and am greatly regretting it)
and got a my first pair of OFFICIAL heels. They look like stripper heels, but they make me feel strong and tall. Not a little Asian girl no more yo. I love having friends who work at clothing stores! KA-CHING-A-CHING! ...Thanks Ian<3
However, I am also getting killer blisters at the same time. DAWWWW



I can honestly say today was one of my highlights as a comm. arts kid!
...I can't express enough LOVE for this department, we're really like one big family. Well, most of us are. And if we don't know each other, there's events like THE GOOD EXCHANGE to spread connections, get to know people, trade awesome creations, and expand the family.
When I first heard about THE GOOD EXCHANGE ("It's gonna be a mini comic con!"), my initial reaction, being the spiteful pincushion I am, was "laaaammee". Please allow me to take my words back, and excuse my inability to express how amazing this event was in words. THE GOOD EXCHANGE was full of EPIC WIN.

I decided to finally drag out the macaroon+whipped cream charms and hairclippies I made last summer (I was bored and had nothing else to do at my parents' house back in Japan...) and decided to make a (NAUGHTY) SPILLED MILK set by pairing them with tART cards (special thanks to Hazel who gave me the cards at THE GOOD EXCHANGE workshop, + J.T. for suggesting me to do little drawings on them!)... Honestly, I wasn't too confident with my pieces and highly doubted anyone would want them...

...I was originally planning to only trade 5 of my tART cards at THE GOOD EXCHANGE @ OTIS... but what can I say, I was lured by the amazing creations of my amazing schoolmates<3 I won (I hesitate using the word "trade", because, seriously, all the items I got from people are SPLENDID!...were they in the right mind set when they wanted to trade items with me??) a T-shirt, book, zines, buttons, ring, prints, stickers...!!!! I am a truly happy child. + I was glad I got to talk to Hazel about pricing items, I was unsure how to price my items but she gave me a good insight on "selling" prices and "networking" prices, I think I have a little bit of a better understanding on the gallery system now.

A BIG BIG THANK YOU! goes to Hazel and Lorenzo who organized this spectacular event, as well as those who came to my table to check my babies out. I can honestly say it was one of the most enjoyable events I've attended at Otis!

9 out of my 18 tART sets are going to be sold at MELTDOWN COMICS this saturday! I may be showing some of my paintings there too, please come and support< 3 < 3 < 3


::Oh Ross!!::

I cannot stop thinking about Ross Lee.
I believe MASTER Amy SHIMOSH is feeling exactly the same at the moment.


::everybody loves my legs!::

This man is my newest obsession.
He tickles my soft spot for scrawny, pale, sick-looking, awkward yet handsome British men that look like women.

I saw him in this video and...
It was love. True love.


::Goodbye spring "break"::

Spring "break" was no "break", (spoilers I go to art school!!!!) but I was able to be productive this time around and got a lot of paintings as well as homework done, which makes me proud and happy. ...The time was split watching ridiculous videos as well...
"Entry of Gladiators" by Fucik is playing in the background.


Last night was a endless night of debauchery... I woke up at 3 PM(!!) due to painting till the early hours of the morning. Then I run out to the homeboi's house for PARTAAAYing. Drank from 20:30 to 6:00... for reals... I slept for approximately 4 hours... BUT I'M WIDE AWAKE!


...Aiite I need to start going to bed/getting ready for class for 8 AM!...


::reaching higher ground::

Thank you Thank you Thank you.


It is abso-fucking-lutely normal for me to be awake at 4:44 (Oh man talk about a time with 3 COMBO of unlucky numbers...death!death!death!) AM, going psycho over InDesign.

Ex-boyfreeen says this is another reason why he never could understand me. Work overload.

John White says I need to find a new man in Comm Arts.

...Maybe I should take John White's words into serious consideration.
Because yknow...I do want that BFA degree.



I'm finally moving out!
Good bye concrete jungle, good bye princess dumb-ass-retard, I am freeeee!!