I almost feel like the more babies I get, the easier it is to say goodbye to certain people and get up on my feet again and start running to the some place I don't even know. I don't know. I wish I did, so I can see what's lying in front of my eyes.

I found the tanktop JT made before he left school, I still remember he gave it to me cause we were good friends and all. Last time I talked to him, I found out he was living in Santa Monica now and have friends at Otis, but... No idea where he is now. I wonder why the best friends I had back home keep doing this "talk talk talk" "hiatus for +insert number of months, years, decades+" "talk talk talk" "Oh hi I'm gonna be thrown into rehab so brb!" "actually ttyl" "..." "...hey hey hey" "Why do you live in LA now?!" "...hiatus?" "HEEEEEEYYYY IT'S MEEEEEE CALL THIS NUMBER...!!!" ...I'm too exhausted now. It's a cat and mouse chase. All the time. ...And neither of us get sick of it??

But I miss listening to Queen Adreena with someone, then lie around in bed and watch Aqua Teen and make out and tralalalala.
But piercings won't leave you and play cat and mouse chases as long as you give it loving care, true?

...And I'm oozing yellow pus from my nipple. Maybe that's another reason why I'm pretty... unloveable. ...+because I'm a pincushion?

Perfect music for moi tonight::

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