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Rediscovering Andrew W.K.!
I remember seeing one of his videos on MTV when I was visiting
San Diego back in '02? '05? Don't remember, but I had a "WOWZA!"
look on my face. I was still an innocent child. Maybe.

Apparently he released a cover-album of whole bunch of Japanese pop songs,
looks like either this or LINDA LINDA! is my favourite<3

On the artistic side of life...
I went to the amazing JAW Cooper's gallery opening at La Luz on friday,
and then to the Culver City Art walk, as well as Corpo and GR2 on saturday...
(Purchased my first art piece at GR2...The artist was piss drunk and that
was hilarious, haha)
Here are some favourites...

I also got offered an internship position at Corey Helford Gallery
(whoohoo networking!<3)...I'm considering it, I know a lot of people
are gonna give me the "but you're a graphic design majooorrrrr" comment,
yeah, I fucking know that, thanks! durrrr.

Translating at gallery nucleus tomorrah! Need the rest!!

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