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Lady Gaga is absolutely gorgeous as a man.
Call me rude and blunt, but I always refer to this lady as a "butherface"; don't get me wrong, it's a matter of personal preference, and quite honestly, I do not find her face attractive. But because of this photo of her as a male, I am starting to get convinced that it is because of her crappy make-up. Either way, Jo Calderone? Yes. Scrumptious.

I was having a rather bleak day until this happened;

Call them overrated, call them overly-sugary, call them weight gain 3000 (...I've completely forgotten about the "diet" I had in mind) Sprinkles cupcakes are amazing. I can only keep my fingers crossed that they open a store in Tokyo... Just in case I decide to move back to Japan after graduating from college.
...I have 2 photo shoots coming up, and I'm chowing down on cupcakes that are 70% icing. This is exactly why I could never be a "model", my height being one reason, and my love for sweets being the other.

I've also gotten around to retouching my hair. Jewel tones=High maintenance, but I don't think I can go back to "normal" colors after having a pink head for so long... People who don't know me personally refer to me as "PINK". Even the head of my department does. Sadly. Even though her husband has mentioned things about me to her on a number of occasions. I've added some violet/amethyst tones this time round. Hopefully my color concoctions will work out as I vision it to be- for now I am sleeping with a shower cap covering my dye-infested hair and wrapping it up with a afghan stole. Can't wait to wash it out tomorrow morning and see how things go, and possibly a retouch in the next few days if things turn ugly...

And finally, David Bowie, because David Bowie is amazing.

I love David Bowie as much as I love Sprinkles.

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