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I got back from my road trip to San Francisco [2 days earlier than expected].
I guess we got through everything we wanted to in a shorter time span than expected, so we wrapped things up, packed up, returned keys, and here I am, back in Angel City.


(l to r: Ian and Sho)
We get pulled over. A little past Valencia. What the hell. The boys got ticketed too. A great way to start a road trip.

Into the city!

Amazing art, every where you go.

After walking around SFMOCA for a while, I noticed that I've been wearing my Docs every where I go... They've traveled with me from Los Angeles, Paris, San Diego, Tokyo, Yokohama, and now San Francisco. My goal is to wear them to every place I travel. Hopefully London will be the next to add to my list!

Work by Bruce Nauman. (An excellent example of incorporating language into art)
I'm inspired to/interested in experimenting with neon lights now. Probably going to be $$$ to do, but possibly for some future project when $ and time isn't a problem.

Work by Louise Bourgeoise.
You are being missed.

I stayed in my family's home in Santa Rosa.
I haven't been there in 8 years, and things have changed a lot. My great-grandmother who lived there is no longer there, the kitchen and bathroom were completely remodeled, an additional guest house was built in the backyard, and places that I ventured in Santa Rosa seemed to be missing. Now that I wandered the place by car, I am impressed at the 12 year old me walking around that place by feet, finding this to occupy myself with. I got a little sentimental as I pulled out the family genealogy book and flipped the pages. The book was created in 1976, but my great-grandmother was editing it until the very end; my name was written in it as well as my cousin's, and she had notes and clippings attached on a lot of pages. I finally got to trace my family history, and knew where I came from. After I heard about my parents' divorce, I was feeling a little detached from my family, but now I know for sure that I need to keep my head up high.

I also scored this lovely little psychedelic dress from the 60s from a great vintage store in Haight and Ashbury. How I wished my bank account was overflowing so I could take all the amazing dresses I found back home with me. Buying this dress meant no decent meals for the last day I was there, and extra tight with money for going to Comic Con, but I couldn't care. ...Also, drindls are lovelier in real life!

Overall, I had a good time.
+Great cafes, great boutiques, great food (seafood!), and I got to trace back my roots.
However, I do feel that I could have gone with different people. More people with similar interests, or more people that don't mind driving to and from Santa Rosa (It's a boring old town and you have to pay the toll to get into SF, but I love that place. Ironically, it's the town where I purchased my first CD with a parental advisory sticker on it. It was the only Murderdolls CD, and I was 12 years old.) I really didn't have a good time walking into high end boutiques (with no clothes that I was interested in, or could afford), places that you could go to in LA (H&M, Starbucks, KidRobot... really?), eating at restaurants in Japantown (...so glad I didn't order any food at the second restaurant... everything was vile there), nor being at a dinner table with 2 of my friend's ex-girlfriends, as well as his current girlfriend (awkward vibes, woot woot)... The list could go on.
But maybe that's because of my tendency of thinking "I WANNA TRAVEL ALONE!". (My friend wanted to travel to Paris with me but I slapped the "Aw hell no next time I'm going I'm venturing on my own!" attitude...)

Now that I think about it, some parts of San Francisco reminded me of Paris... Needless to say, the city's added to the list of places-that-I-may-want-to-live-in-the-future.

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