I am horrible at picking up calls, returning missed calls, checking texts, and answering them. I hate owning a phone so much, that I never add minutes to my prepaid mobile phone. I know, it's horrible. And extremely unprofessional, depending on what.

That said...
I am also horrible at dealing with people that don't answer/return my calls and texts. I will hysterically keep on calling like a stalker, text non-stop, and worst case, I will e-mail you to tell you to pick up your phone. Yes, I couldn't argue if anyone wanted to label me as a stalker.

And currently I suffer from that problem. Comic Con is coming right up, and I can't get a hold of my friend in San Diego. This is horrible. I am going to cry, and my sacrificial pick-up-your-phone-god damnit dance is not working. At all.

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