The last couple days have been hectic yet inspiring for me, I'm loving every moment of it.

Parties, photo shoots, meetings, cleaning, packing, collaborating...
+ Being disturbed my insensitive and immature "parties" that my roommate decides to throw... (I was never a big party person, and highly doubt that I ever will be, especially on a night before shoots/work!!)

I had the pleasure of being shot by the amazing Akif Hakan Celebi. I have been a fan of his work in the past couple years, and I was overjoyed that he wanted to photograph me. A truly interesting and inspiring experience, I can honestly say that I have not been this inspired to "express" while modeling for a photographer. 19GB of "footage" was shot, and now I'm anxious to see how the shots turned out!

Also watched 「おくりびと」("Departures") last night...

(I have an amazing friend of gave me his password to his netflix account! gracias!)
Truly touching. I have never watched a movie that is so simply shot, and some what nostalgic (The country side/Yamagata... I miss that place!), yet strong enough to shake up your emotions. A lot of people don't encounter death, and its interesting to see how a lot of people are not "used" to, or are "scared" of death/dead bodies. It also made me think about what would possibly happen if I were to just go at this moment. What are people going to feel? How are they going to react? What is going to happen?...

Gonna go get my tattoo touched up + visiting the Museum of Death in Hollywood with my friend tomorrow. Then I'm leaving for San Francisco for 5 days, back in LA for a week and a bit, then off to San Diego for Comic Con. BUSSSSYYY!

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